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My name is Lindsay Vaurs email addr: l.vaurs12 [AT] The
birds name is Kokomo. She flew away from our apartment on the cross
streets of Champlain and Perrin. My phone number is 831-801-4691. Also
my boyfriend Joe 559-970-9361. She is not banded. Thank you for your
help, Lindsay

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Lost Cockatiel (Champlain/Perrin)
Reply to:comm-640903908( AT)craigslist. org
Date: 2008-04-13, 11:23AM PDT

Her name is Kokomo. She is white and grey.Mostly grey with a white
stripe across her wings. Very friendly and missed very much. Please call
831-801-4697 or 559-970-9361. Thankyou.

http://fresno. craigslist. org/laf/64090390 8.html

xposted fr Craigs List by 911PA Volunteer
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