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My baby cockateil flew from her aviary on Friday May 23,2008. We
live in Phoenix, AZ. United States. She is gray and her name is
Starla, she is almost a year old. Our cross streets are 32nd
Street between Bell rd and Union Hills rd. zip code 85032. She is
banded. She whistles. We are offereing an award for her return.
Owner info, Scott and Cynthia Albright, 602-795-6168 or
602-326-9575, email [email protected] net <mailto:[email protected] net>
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Subject: lost bird
From: "Cynthia Higgins" <[email protected] net>
Date: Sun, May 25, 2008 10:15 pm
To: <[email protected]>

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LOST: AZ, Phoenix, Cockatiel "Starla" May 22.08

(13271) Cockatiel gray

Phoenix, Arizona . . . Starla

May 22. 2008

Starla flew away from her aviary this morning while I was putting
a bowl of clean water in the cage. She is not yet a year old and
is very friendly. She is gray with a few white spots on the back
of her neck, and white on the outsides of her wings. She flew
from our home in North Phx. we live right on a the golf course
named Paradise Valley Golf Course. I put fliers out in the
neighborhood today as well as called my vet and the bird store I
bought her from. Your help to bring her home would be so greatly
appreciated, Brutus her clutch mate misses her something awful
too. [email protected] net chiggins8 (AT)

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