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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
City: Melbourne
Breed: Cockatiel
Color: Grey with yellow crest and orange cheeks
Name of Bird: Max
Date Lost: March 26
Location Lost (streets): Nicholson street and Alexander Parade
Zip Code Lost: 3052
Age: 4
Sex: M
Banded?: NO
Microchipped? :NO
Common Saying: Good Boy
Distinguishing Characteristics:
Medical Issues:
Reward?: Yes
Owner Name: Margaret Aracena
Owner Phone: 0438 056 708
Owner Email: margaretaracena (AT)
Comments: Thank you for your help!

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LOST: AU, VIC, Melbourne, Carlton, Cockatiel "Max" Mar.26.08

(12957) Cockatiel

Melbourne/Victoria/ Carlton, Australia . . . Max


Max is four years old. He is grey with a yellow crest and orange cheaks. He says "good boy" and whistles tunes. He flew out the back door of the house yesterday and was seen heading toward the Clifton Hill area. [email protected] au [geanettearacena (AT)]

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