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Posted by: "oscarbud2" [email protected] oscarbud2
Thu Jun 26, 2008 10:14 am (PDT)
Country: USA
State: VA
City: Culpeper
Breed: Cockatiel
Color: Pearl
Date Found: June 24, 2008
Location Found (streets): Maplewood Drive and Sunset Lane
Zip Code Found: 22701
Banded?: NO
Checked for Microchip with vet?: NO
Common Saying: Soft chatty sounds and loud shriek when outside
Distinguishing Characteristics: Typical pearl, with lovely white
scallops on back and wings, unclipped, darker beak and feet, yellow
tail feathers, "muddy" face
Medical Issues Observed: None
Finder Name: Tammy Duby
Finder Phone: 540-937-7075
Finder Email: lapbooklady (AT)
Comments: As cockatiel lovers, this little baby will be safe until we
find her family. We will not give her away, but would adopt her
eventually. Our cockatiel, Jack, is thrilled with her company.


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FOUND: VA, Culpeper, Cockatiel, June 25,08

Found Cockatiel
Cockatiel found on Maplewood Drive, Culpeper VA on
Tues June 25, 2008. Please email to re-unite. Lovely
little sweetie pie wants to go home.

[email protected] <lapbooklady (AT)>

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