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Country: USA
State: Rhode Island
City: Barrington
Breed: Cockatiel (male)
Color: Gray/white yellow face/orange cheeks
Date Found: April 15, 2008
Location Found (streets): corner of Greene Ave and Spring Street
Zip Code Found: 02806
Banded?: no
Checked for Microchip with vet?: no
Common Saying: dog whistle
Distinguishing Characteristics: none, typical cockatiel
Medical Issues Observed: none, seems healthy
Finder Name: Joan Mancinho
Finder Phone: 401-246-0146
Finder Email: joanofmark1 (AT)
Comments: very friendly, called to him while he was on the
electric wires and he came right down to me. Will bite but does
like to be handled and on me...does step up.....very happy bird,
sings a lot and he is very smart. He also likes my cats!
He is a seed junkie and does not like fresh fruit or vegetables
or pellets. He is a very good bird. When I allow him to fly
around in the house or on the screen in porch, he always comes
right to me when I want to put him back in cage. Whoever owned
him spent a lot of time with him because he is a trusting bird
and sings a lot of tunes.

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FOUND: RI, Barrington, Cockatiel, Apr.15.08

Found bird: Cockatiel

Finder: Joan, Barrington, RI
[email protected]
joanofmark1 (AT)

Age: Adult
Sex: Male

Found on Tuesday April 15,2008 a male cockatiel in Barrington, RI. He was on my electric lines and I called him down and he came to me. He is very friendly and sings up a song! Very neat, funny and quite a character. I have been calling him Larry Bird . I would LOVE to find his owners since I feel he has had alot of time invested in him since he is such a nice bird....somebody must be missing him! Please email me!
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