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BIRD Found in Roselle Lt gray,wht wings,grn/yllow hd,orange chks.
04/19, Main Strt. Station* 630-479-4111 , posted 04/23/2008

Source: Chicago Daily-Herald

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FOUND: IL, Roselle, Cockatiel, Apr.22.08

FOUND in Roselle, IL, cockatiel. Please call the person who found the
bird at 630-479-4111 and describe fully. Or you can email me at
[paxetjustia1 (AT)] (I am not the finder of the bird but will
deliver any email message to the finder).

Note this bird is NOT "Magnet," the cockatiel who is lost and missing
from Mount Prospect, Illinois, and her owner is still searching for

911PA Emailed:
LOST: IL, Roselle- Cockatiel (banded) "Rosie" Sept 4.07
LOST: IL, Elmwood Park, Grey Cockatiel "Moe", Jan 21.08
LOST: IL, New Lenox/Joliet, Cockatiel "Sonny" May 16.07
LOST: IL, Chicago, Pearl Cockatiel, "Kitty", Jan. 13, 08
LOST: IL, Glendale Heights, Cockatiel, "Bird", Jan. 8, 08
LOST: IL, La Grange, Cockatiel, "Dee Dee", Jan. 18, 08
LOST: IL, Chicago, Cockatiel, "Freddy", Jan 28, 08 posted
LOST: IL, Aurora, Cockatiel "Winsey" Feb.14.08
LOST: IL, Chicago, Pearl Cockatiel "KeeDee", Jan 13.08
LOST: IL, Chicago, Cockatiel "Rudi", Mar 09,08
LOST: IL, Lena, Cockatiel (Gry/Ylw), Oct-Nov 07
LOST: IL, New Lenox, Cockatiel "Keeko", Mar 29.08
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