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Wendy, owner of "Silver" called on this ad and reported "It's grey with a yellow head and no band"

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FOUND: CA, Sacramento - Cockatiel - May 01.08

FOUND COCKATIEL (arden/arcade)
Reply to: comm-664849118 [AT]
Date: 2008-May-02, 9:04AM PDT

Found cockatiel at Cowan School located near Becerra Way and Whitney
Avenue on evening of May 1. Would like to reunite with its owner.
Call 916-275-3286.

xposted Craig's List Sacramento

LOST: CA, Sacramento, Grey Cockatiel "Lucky Bird", Apr 28.08
LOST: CA, Sacramento, Cockatiel "Silver" (banded), Mar 15.08
LOST: CA, Sacramento - Cockatiel "Pun'kin" - Apr 7.08
LOST: CA, Orangevale (Sacramento)-Cockatiel "Hitchcock"-Mar 24.08
LOST: CA, Sacramento - Cockatiel - Mar 19.08
LOST: CA, Citrus Heights, Cockatiel "Baby", Apr 12.08
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