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My name is Pete, my phone number is 408-717-2663 and email address is
[email protected] [ryglassjawry [at]]

I do not have bird experience however I have bought food for it and
gave it water as well. The bird does not have a code on its leg, there
is no band. I found the bird at my house on Tuesday I believe and the
cross streets are Harwood Rd. and Belvale Drive, Los Gatos, Ca. 95032.

If no one claims it I am willing to adopt, and I am going to take it
to the vet this weekend just to make sure its ok if no one has claimed
it by then. Thank you.

Peter Jensen

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FOUND: CA, Los Gatos - Cockatiel - Jun 24.08

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[comm-732460339 (AT)]
Date: 2008-Jun-25, 1:13PM PDT

Last night I caught a cockatiel in my yard. If you think it may be
yours call me and give me description of it. Thanks...408 717 name is pete

http://sfbay. craigslist. org/sby/laf/ 732460339. html
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