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more cockatiels?

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Hi everyone I just bought my first cockatiel today. He's grey with white spots so I think he's a pied. I don't even know if he, is a he. His name is Bekham....Anywho, I've had cockatiels when I was a kid... but now my question to everyone is.... maybe in the future I would like to get more cockatiels.... how would I go about possible aggression, breeding??? Or should I just keep them all in separate cages? Cuz honestly I don't want them to breed.. bekham is now my babyboy :love: and I don't want him to think when I get the others that they're taking his place. I don't want him to be territorial..... maybe some suggestions??????
Or should I just stick with him for the next 25 years????? lmao
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It all depends on the age of your bird. It's not always impossible to visually sex pieds. It depends on which feathers are normal. I have a couple of Cinnamon Whiteface Pieds and they still have a few normal colored primary wing feathers. They are mature females and you can see the wingspots. If it has normally colored tailfeathers they would be barred if it is a hen. Still it depends on the age of the bird. If it is under 6 months a male will look like a hen. Cinnamons are the same as grays with regard to wingspots and tailbars. The only difference between the two mutations is the color the melanin produces. gray as opposed to tan.
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