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Mojo and Chiclet

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*To the left, to the left* (err right)


Where'd it go?!?
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omg!! how cute are they...hehe I love the second pic of them there little beaks touching thats to cute :D
They are adorable!:) I love the picture when they are both looking down. Aww!:D:D
LOL...that is so FUNNY...thay are cuties!!!!! GREAT pics..
Pretty babies! They look so much alike..hehe...I like the baby pic in the background too..hehe
Thanks everyone!

I like the baby pic in the background too..hehe
Thanks! That is my daughters first halloween pic.
You can see the little pink spot on Mojo by her leg. That's how we tell them apart, visually.. lol
Awwww, they are just so adorable!!!! :D I love those two cuties.
That looking down photo is too funny. Cute bunny too :)
You have a gorgeous pair there, I just love that picture in the background (sorry I know that was so off topic :eek:)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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