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Hi! I've been feeding my 3 cockatiels Harrison's pellets for the past few years and recently decided to add another brand to their diet because of cost issues. It's $15 for shipping on their website (even for just 1lb) and about $14-$20 per 1lb bag of adult lifetime fine on Amazon. I've tried to buy the 5lb bag, but they refuse to eat it after 4 weeks or it goes stale before we can finish the bag. Our monthly cost for pellets was around $30 for two 1lb bags, and the only way we can get them is by ordering them online as we don't have any stores that sell Harrison's within an hour radius of our house 😭

So, our plan is to introduce Roudybush to them as part of their diet in addition to the Harrison's. We also usually give whatever veggies or make chop with we have on hand, like broccoli, dark leafy spring mix, diced carrots, etc. So their daily food routine would be something like this, each in 3 separate bowls: 2 tsp of Harrison's (per bird), with veggies/chop in the morning, and 2 tsp of Roudybush (per bird) and a couple Nutri-Berries in the evening.

We did some calculations, and our pellet costs can go down considerably adding Roudybush to the mix. I've heard that Harrison's is the best pellet you can buy, so I feel a little guilty not being able to give them that as much as before but it was just too expensive to keep up with. What do you think of this diet? Does anyone else use a mix of pellets? I've read a lot of mixed reviews on Roudybush, but the ingredients seem okay for the price point. Let me know what you think 😄
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