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Millet, some budgies and a couple of tiels

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The other day some of the budgies had some millet. I was really suprized to see Ziggy get along with them so well. Baby will be around them only when she feels like it- most of the time she would rather not.

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yum yum millet, nice to see the budgies and cockatiels getting along nicely:)
Maybe he likes the budgies because he feels superior with that cute crest of his. You see, around Baby he doesn't feel good about himself because she has both a lovely crest and a tail. :p ;)
heh- I hope he doesn't think he IS a
such cute pic's sharing millet with friends ;) Georgie is the same way she would rather not be around them, Ollie would love to be around them, but they just don't want him there is no room in there twosome for anymore Sparkle did show some interest in Ollie but Reggie chased him away he's the jealous type :p
Ziggy is just too cute, and he's obviously a very laid back guy too, sharing the millet with all of those budgies lol :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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