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I just had a question.I went an got me a cockatiel .He is a boy.And I had him for about 3 months and wuz trying to tame him at that time an it wasnt going very good because he is an older bird.Well I thought that it might help if I gave him a friend.So I went an got another one to put with him that way I could tame them both.Now I have 2 older birds that are not tame an it seems to me since I put Samanatha in with Peppers it has made him worse than he was before .I mean I cant get them to come out the cage.
When I do get them out it is always a headache because they are both runnin from me .Peppers I can pick u and get him out of the cage w/o him biting me.But Samantha No I have to get a towel an wrap her up in it to get her out because she will bite...She has bit me a time or to already an it almost brings blood.
I am at the point where I am not even bothering them or tryin to handle them at all because I know that they would rather I dont.
I also have a parakeet named Skky..Now he is a nice lil bird really...He comes out an wants to be with me all the time n sit on my shoulder an just have me walk around with him .although he does bite as well.I dont know why he isnt scared or anything at all...I think he just thinks it is fun. But why is it that the cockatiels see Skyy with me all the time an see that I am not hurting him or anything and they wont at least try.Now I do understand that they are both older but it is like what am I suppose to do ?
All I want is another nice Cockatiel.I have been through so many birds that have just been not very nice an just once I want to feel like I spent my money wisely on the right birds.And right now I dont feel that way at all..Only with Skyy he wuz well worth the money.The other too no...not at all....would rather not have them really at this rate .cause I dont know what to do with them at all..
I cant really give them treats have tried that an since they never ate that kinda stuff at a young age they wont eat it now either...all thy eat is seed...that is it...they dont want fresh fruit or anything like they should have .Same thing with skyy .But he is a young bird but still to late to get him to eat that stuff aswell I have tried that .
If anyone can give me any advice at all I would love it as to what to do or where do i go from here ? I hate to get rid of my cockiteals but if they cant act nice then I really dont want them,
Well thanx
Jason :mad::(:(
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