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Don't Give Up!!!

Just wanted to tel you to never give up! My first tiel was just like that! This is how I tamed him:

First, you can't push them. They don't respond well if you do that. Second, you might want to split them up for this. Two untame birds would rather spend time together than with you. Also, age shouldn't affect this way to tame. When I got Crest he was 11 years old and this worked just fine with him.

The first step is to just sit by their cages everyday. Talk to them, read a book to them, whatever. Eventually they'll calm down and won't be affected by your presence at all, and may even start to come to the front of the cage to interact with you.

Now, get them used to having the door opened and closed. That usually doesn't take long. Once that's done, be sure you have a treat on hand. I recommend millet spray! Keep the cage door open, and slowly coax them to perch on the edge of the open door to eat the treat. Then, once they are doing this willlingly and easily, pull the millet spray farther away and offer your finger or arm as a perch to step on to get at the millet spray. Soon, they should be tempted to step up unto you to get the treat. That's it! The first couple of times they step up for you like that, let them right back into the cage. Like I said, don't push them.

Also, you shouldn't reach into their cage or take them out during this process. Let them come to you. Let them come out on their own time. That should do it! Like I said, this worked with my 11-year-old, so it should work. It can take a while, though. I don't know how bad your birds are, but mine was a biter. He hated everyone, especially little kids, since his former owner's kid liked to through stuffed animals at his cage...

Good luck with your tiels!:D
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