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I’ve been trolling a while, just created an account, so hi!!!

I’ve been raising and breeding for a long time but this one is new to me; has anyone else encountered?

Dad’s a jerk. He goes after the female once there are eggs. (They’re not even fertile. He’s also a doofus at mating.) He chases her off if he’s sitting the eggs. Which he does sometimes, sometimes she does, sometimes neither of them do. (Ok, neither of them are very smart breeders.) He was so bad I got mom a “condo” - a small $20 cage on top of their big cage where she can go eat and hang out if he’s on a tear. Yet he’s fine when SHE is on the eggs. I don’t want to remove the eggs because she’ll just keep laying, and she knows the difference between real and fake eggs. (Maybe she’s not THAT dumb.)

Anyone had this and fixed it somehow? Poor Birb has a patch of bald because he’s an a$$.

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