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for some reason he hates my left hand side if he is on my left shoulder he gets very nervous wings come out and he tries to bite himself, so now when i get him out my left arm goes behind my back as if i don't have one he then plays up and down my right one, i still have to keep him on me all tho he will play with toys if i have them or they are on his cage, i don't understand his left arm phobia at all, but we had a happy time out today no wings up flapping nothing, he is still worried about me not being there he stays on me, but i think he is becoming a bit more happy

if anyone can work out the left arm thing, my budgies are on the left when i get him out could this be it, i always have them covered tho, so as long as i keep jojo to the right he is fine,

allso temp its getting older and i haven't had the heating on i am starting to feel the cold, so does this mean that jojo would be as well, or are they fairly hardy ? i might buy him a little cozy thing for his cage,

but i do thing we are making some progress all be it very slowly,it has been suggested to me by some breeders i have been talking to that he was actually as tame as they made out ?
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