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The widely spread opinion is that females are cuddly and quiet, while males are loud and goofy. Cookie, my female, is cuddly and quiet. Bailee, my male, is loud, goofy and super cuddly.

Cookie is generally easy going, calm in most situations and she doesn't put up with not getting what she wants (talk about being a princess). She doesn't have the desire to be on me constantly but she does fly over to sit on me and beg for head scratches. She will sit with her head bent down for a VERY long time provided i'm hitting the right spot. If i, or Bailee, hit the wrong spot then we get a little temper tantrum. She'll always give us a second chance though.

Bailee is about as dumb and dorky as you can get. He loves his mummy and MUST be on my shoulder at all times. If i'm not available dad or Tim (brother) have to Bailee-sit while i'm in the bathroom, kitchen, etc. That's the most annoying thing about him. Other than that he's always singing his songs, flirting with Cookie (when she's on me too), and generally being a cuddly idiot. He loves his kisses and head scratches.

The thing i don't like about MR Bailee is he gets hormonal from time to time and has random temper tantrums. His bites HURT! When he's in one of his moods he absolutely insists that he stays on my shoulder but spends the whole time attacking my ear. I believe that becoming hormonal is typically associated with males and they're known for having terrible teens around the time of their first moult (6-8 months).
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