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Hey everyone,

First post so thanks in advance for any help or thoughts that can be given. I have an 18 year old male whom recently started mating with a 15 month old female, her first clutch of 8 eggs laid a month ago never hatched and she abandoned them after 25 days.

She has now started laying eggs again, however when the two of them are out of the cages rather than mating the female lowers her head towards the male to be preened(scritched) and after a few seconds of preening he will pull a feather out. This has happened several times to the point I am noticing patches of missing feathers.

I am trying to keep them apart for her safety, but when I have one out of the cages they immediately scream for the other to be out and upon having them both out the female immediately flies over to the male and despite her screaming in pain when he plucks a feather out keeps pressing her head against him. They have never been in the same cage together since I adopted the female.

I am worried for her safety, as well as confused as to why she goes back over to him. I've read here the male might be doing this out of frustration for not mating enough, has anyone encountered something similar to this that can offer any advice as to whether this behavior may end after the summer egg cycle, or will I have to forever watch them closely when out?

Thanks again for reading this and any help offered,
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