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Male cockatiel will not stop singing after meeting new female cockatiel

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I've had my male cockatiel for 4 years and he's great, not hand tame but will come close however the bad news is he screams the house down when I leave the room.

Even though he's got company with me all day, he seems lonely so I thought I would get him a buddy of his own kind so he's not alone.

Bought a female of the same age and after 45 days of quarantine, I bought their cages close together. She didn't seem to even notice him, she won't stop feeding (more on that in a second) but he was instantly interested and getting over-excited.

After a couple of days, I opened both their cage doors and she quickly went into his cage and explored, they soon both came into her cage. She seems totally unbothered, he can't take his eyes off her, he doesn't chase her around the cage at all but he's constantly looking at her and he won't stop making noise.

As for the female, she seems very energetic, constantly climbing and hopping from one length of the cage to the other and eating... There weren't many toys in her cage when we bought her, Im worried it's a habit she has developed out of boredom before she came... so I'm thinking that now she has settled in here I will change her perch layout.

I've now separated them back into their respective cages and covered him over as usually by this point he's had a nap but today he's just not stopped chirping. I've also covered her too because she was going back and forth and I wanted her to settle a little which seems to have worked.

Just looking for some reassurance that he will calm down eventually. Or any advice. He had a budgie mate before a couple of years ago but she passed away. And I've kept two cockatiels before and they were never like this.

I know tiels can be loud but this male is beyond loud, he's driving the whole house mental.
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This is completely normal. He’s probably so loud because he wants to be with her. You should let them bond more.
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