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Male cockatiel wants to mate a young female one

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I just got this female cockatiel shes 5 months old and my male cockatiel he is 1 year old and he really wants to mate with her while she doesn't, will she lay live eggs if she mates with him or will he get aggressive if she doesnt accept and is it ok if they mate at this age?
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Do your VERY best NOT to let this happen! She is much to young to breed and it could be harmful to her! If you have to, I would separate them until she is old enough too breed. ( at least a year old. )There is nothing wrong with the male picking her as a mate it's just that she isn't old enough yet.
Thanks for your reply, i will let them play together but i will try my best to let his dirty feet away from harming her kidneys
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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