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Lutino cockatiel not bonding with the other cockatiel

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Hi, my male lutino cockateil 7 months old (Goldy) is not bonding with my female whiteface 4 year old (Coco). Goldy is quite new, ive had him for around 1 month and ive had coco for 3 years. I followed every step correctly to ensure that they get along well, that includes putting there cages beside each other for 2 weeks etc. Everytime coco tries to preen or play with him he’ll just ignore her and peck her, which ofc will result in her pecking him back, keep in mind she has a STRONG peck and im afraid she might hurt him one day. I dont know weather its because he’s too young or she’s too old but I’ve honestly ran out of ideas and could use any suggestions on how i could make them get along.
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