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yesterday I noticed a small lump on my cockatiel’s foot and it seemed when I touched it to look at it, the lump opened up but it wasn’t bleeding or anything. From yesterday, it seems to have scabbed over (or I think it has) and is no longer open. My cockatiel is around 5 months old.

I assumed it was bumble foot and I’ve brought this to help (I’ve not applied it yet):Leucillin Antiseptic Multi-Pet Skin Care 50ml Dropper | Pets At Home as well as bandages once I apply it (I looked at a good article to help with treatment).

The lump is less “lumpy” today and has gone down, but I have removed all of the hard perches from his cage, and replaced them with natural branches to prevent the lump from getting worse as well as disinfecting all of his perches to remove any germs and bacteria that may infect the lump.

Any help to identify what this is and treatment to heal the lump would be appreciated
(pictures below of what the lump looks like today, I didn’t manage to get any pictures of what it looked like yesterday)


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