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Luka turning clingy

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I think im dying right now after the past hour of playing with luka! We have a wrapped washing machine that we shipped from our past home in kuwait to here in Egypt, i sat luka on it because it was sunny and i had just heavily misted him (he started to become very very dusty) he stood there cutely standing in the sunlight then looked at me with his head tilted but still facing me then he walked to me,climbed my shirt and over to my shoulder! He adores the choker that i never take off and he kept chewing on it

I also want to mention that in the morning when i got him out he flew a little and then to the window (closed) door so i picked him up and set him on my bed then i noticed a tiny little Blood dot. I PANICKED, i scooped him up with a towel and took a tissue and stopped that blood, it was on his foot, luckily it was because one scale got peeled off. His grip is strong and he didnt feel anything (no limping) very lucky that it was only a few drops (phew)
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