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lots and lots of pictures

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Here are some pictures of the tiels. I will get some of the budgies here tomorrow. I have to uplode them and get some aswell. But heres what i'm posting to show off my cuties.

New big swing ( had to be moved because cage moved. will get recent picture soon.

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and more

* Please note in the last picture, i do not house my birds together. They have there own cages and play together. They all get along really well to the point hugs and sonic feed each other.
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When did Hugs' face get so yellow! :p Great pics!
great pic's both your tiels are cuties :)
They are both too cute. :D
When did Hugs' face get so yellow! :p Great pics!
It started like a month ago. I saw little dots of a nice bright yellow. I guessed when we was a baby he was a male because he face was really yellow then to. Apperently i was right lol. Over the last month it has gotten a lot of yellow and i belive it will keep getting yellow as he moults more. As he moults the color of his wings are getting darker aswell.
Oh lovely photos!! I love the idea of the swing, that's really great.
I got extra happy when I saw the And more in your next post.
I almost thought how could you end with 7 pictures.
That would be depriving us, especially me!!

Hugs and Slush are both extra gorgeous with the extra pictures you posted.
I love how Hugs' face is almost yellow, but not quite.
It's adorable. :)
I expect him to look a lot like his dad with a real bright face. A few more moults and it should look really yellow. After all the pinnies i saw when i have them a shower i would say he is either ending a moult right now or starting one. Could mean more pretty feathers to keep and stick in my candles
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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