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LOST: WA, Seattle (Belfair) April 27th 08

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Lost Cockatiel North Shore (Belfair)
Reply to: _comm-658713957 (AT) craigslist.org_
(mailto:[email protected]?subject=Lost%20Cockatiel%20North%20Shore%20(Belfair))
Date: 2008-Apr-27, 5:46PM PDT

Lutino pied (yellow) female escaped on Sunday afternoon from her home on
Wagon Wheel Rd, near Beck and North Shore Rd (near the Lutheran Day Care Center
& Retreat Center). Her friends miss her. Her mate misses her. Please email if
* Location: Belfair
xposted _
( see photo

Note from 911PA: bird pictured is lutino, not pied.
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