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Email LOST: WA, Mercer Island, Cockatiel, "Taz", Dec. 29, 07
Posted by: "Melissa" [email protected] soapnutlucy
Sun Jan 27, 2008 10:37 am (PST)
(12703) Normal Cockatiel

Mercer Island, Washington . . . Taz

Dec. 29, 07

Taz is a mostly gray cockatiel with a yellow head. He is very vocal
and will tell you I'm being a good boy and call himself Tazmo; and
Puerto Rico Boy. Please contact us if found - we really miss him!

Email: [email protected] <tlrusa (at)>

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by 911PA volunteer

*Please do not click reply, contact family using phone number or
email address listed in the above ad. Thanks!

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Lost bird
Reply to: [email protected]
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Date: 2008-Jan-02, 2:53PM PST

We lost our pet cockatiel on Saturday Dec-28 when he got out the front
door. He was last seen about 2 blocks south of the Mercer Island
library but can fly well and could be a great distance away. His name
is Taz and he is quite talkative. He is mostly gray with some white, a
yellow head and classic orange cheeks. He is banded. He says "Go Taz"
or "Go Tazmo", wolf whistles and then says "hot chick", "Puerto Rico",
"Peekaboo" and more. His favorite saying is "I'm being good boy". If
you see him, or hear him talking please contact us with a location.
Our son misses him greatly.

* Location: Central Mercer Island

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