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Lost Cockatiel (Round Hill, VA)

Reply to: [email protected] craigslist. org
[comm-735988883( AT)craigslist. org]
Date: 2008-06-28, 3:16PM EDT

I posted our lost Cockatiel about three weeks ago when she accidently
flew out the door. Her wings were clipped but started to grow back in
enough that she was able to fly, we were actually really surprised
she was able to fly high. We looked desperately and called for Jack
for about a week but unfortunately our sweet baby didn't come back!
We miss her so much! I am still hoping somebody finds her and then
finds us. That would be the honest thing to do. She was a big part of
our family and I know she is missing her home. She is wearing a band
if you have seen her or have found her please contact us. I worry
everyday that she is ok.

Thanks for reading my post. The lady that we got her from has also
posted her missing.

Band Number #XXXXXXX (band on file with 911 PA)

Location: Round Hill, VA

http://washingtondc .craigslist. org/nva/pet/ 735988883. html

(The finder was emailed.)
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