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Lost pet cockatiel (Hopewethell. VA)

Reply to: c[email protected] craigslist. org
[comm-736510385( AT)craigslist. org]
Date: 2008-06-29, 2:23AM EDT

Lost my pet cockatiel name Sunny. His body is grey, feathers are gray
and white. His face and head feathers are mostly yellow with orange
dots. Very loving and likes the back of his neck rubbed, likes to
whistle and say pretty bird will sometimes repeat it after you say
it. Love to fight with his self in the mirror, or on ceiling fan.
Flew away from the corner of Danville and Hill. Please call if you
have found him. (804) 919-1507 or email at [email protected]
[shybaby7700( AT)yahoo. com]

(A picture of Sunny is on the CL posting --gray and white with
yellow/gray head and orange cheeks.)

Location: Hopewethell. VA

http://richmond. craigslist. org/laf/73651038 5.html

(The owner has been emailed.)
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