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bird: Cockatiel
Date of Posting April 5th 2008
Id: 1592765
Huffman, TX
(281) 324-9209
[email protected] net
[jenniferj5 (AT)]
Name: Burt
Age: Adult
Sex: Male

$100.00 REWARD !! Burt has been with us for 15 years and is a very much loved and spoiled family member.He is a Gray with white in his wingspan and the orange circles on his cheeks, can whistle stuff (very loud and will just fly onto your shoulders. Grandkids opened the door at the wrong time and he got panicked and off he went! He should be in the Lakewood Hights--Fairlake --1960 area, but boy can he fly (wings are not clipped) as he had free-roam of our house and was not locked up.

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