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LOST: SC, Devon Forest/Goose Creek, Grey Cockatiel "Yin", May 25.08

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lost cockatiel (Devon Forest GC)

Reply to: [email protected] craigslist. org
[comm-708188614 (AT)]
Date: 2008-June-05, 12:31AM EDT

Please help us find "Yin"
We miss her soooo very much!
And so does her sister "Yang"
She is:
light gray
normally we clip her wings but hers always seemed
to grow a little faster than sissy's and
9 months old
She flew away Sunday May 25th around 3pm.
I posted and reposted signs around the neighborhood but
they always seemed to go missing or get torn down.
I found pics that best resembles her and her sissy.
Please Please help my family find Yin! Thank you!!!!!!!

{see photos on Craigslist]

Location: Devon Forest GC
xposted from the Charleston Craigslist by 'Oscarbud2'
http://charleston. craigslist. org/laf/70818861 4.html
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