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Posted: Saturday, May 24, 2008 10:59 AM
Subject: bird missing ...

her name is BUDWeisER..she will talk and tell you name..
she is yellow and gray..cockatiel. .843-705- 3786..

39 rose bush lane...

Source: OurSunCityHiltonHea

**Note: 911PA volunteer and hubby will take a bike ride over to her
neighborhood to see if we can find or spot Budweiser*

Later we did meet the owner who had placed a cage outside for her bird and earlier had been walking the neighborhood with her dog. She reports her bird took off in a southerly direction over the golf course. Budweiser is a pied banded cockatiel. Unfortunately, Sun City rules prohibit the posting of flyers. I advised the owner of places to contact and things she can do to try to find her bird.
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