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Country: USA
State: PA
City: Lancaster
Breed: Cockatiel
Color: Lutino
Name of Bird: Sammy
Date Lost: April 12, 2008
Location Lost (streets): South West End Avenue
Zip Code Lost: 17603
Age: 1 year old
Sex: F
Banded?: no
Microchipped? : no
Common Saying: none
Distinguishing Characteristics: Her head and crest are a brighter
yellow than the rest of her body. Her belly and back are a dirty
white. She has bright orange cheeks and fairly large feet that are
Medical Issues: doesn't have any
Reward?: yes
Owner Name: Elly Witmer
Owner Phone: 717-203-7473 or 717-666-5925
Owner Email: suzie71 (AT) (my email, but feel free to post)
Comments: I have been checking 911 Parrot Alert. Thanks for such a
great service. I sure hope Elly gets her bird back. Sammy has a
birthday present waiting. Her birthday was April 30, 2008.

thanks again,

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