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Lost; PA, Haverton 3/12/08

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Email LOST: PA, Havertown, Cockatiel "Pumpkin", Mar.12.08 corr date
Posted by: "Kris" [email protected] krismicahgraciej
Sat Mar 15, 2008 8:20 pm (PDT)
(12908) Grey Cockatiel

Havertown, Pennsylvania . . . Pumpkin


Pumpkin is a nine-month-old female cockatiel. She loves people, but
somehow got out the front door. She is very sweet, and is sorely
missed. She was part of our daily routine, but now is not. She's
gone... So, please, if you find a cockatiel that looks hungry and
cold (It's been windy a lot latley) take her in. Especially if she
looks like this: PS: She has only ONE tail feather. If you find her,
tell her that we love her! (610)-449-5616 Thanks Krystyna
[email protected] [k2ishorse (AT)]

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Grey yng. Cockatiel lost, orange cheeks, yellow around beak. Ha
vertown area (610)449-5616

Date Posted: Mar3/15/2008
Source: The Delaware County Daily Times


Lost: PA on Mar/14/08

Pumpkin is a sweetie. She loves people, and probably flew
to a person that she didn't know. It was a windy day, and
my mom had opened the door, and Pumpkin was on her cage.
She saw the open door, heard the Call of the Wild, and was
Gone with the Wind. We miss our little girl so much! It's
just so hard to believe that she's gone! In the morning, I
keep thinking that I'll see her again, but all I find is
an empty cage. So, if you live in PA, look for her, but we
think that she may have flown to Maryland, NJ, or NY. So,
if you live in any of these areas and find a cockatiel hen
who looks to be about 10 months old, has one tail feather,
and a few markings on her beak, call (610)-449-5616 and
ask for Krystyna, Sally, or Ken

We appriciate your help!
~Krystyna and the Kapners

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