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Country: USA
State: PA
City: Clifton Heights/ Drexel Hill area
Breed: Lutino Cockatiel
Color: mostly white some blackish dark grey down wings area
Name of Bird: Jeremy
Date Lost: Nov. 2, 2007
Location Lost (streets): Drexel Hill Burmont Rds could be in Springfield, PA or Clifton Heights where I live now
Zip Code Lost: 19018
Age: young / 2 yrs
Sex: Male
Banded?: No. received from sister when her birds had three eggs two hatched.
Microchipped? : No
Common Saying: Pretty boy... Hello Pretty Boy... kissy kissy (and he comes it placing beak on my lips...
Distinguishing Characteristics: He is sweet and like to sit on my shoulder, fly around room and he enjoys chewing labels off my canned goods in my cabinets... chewing and ripping up paper... so gentle I kiss him and he tilts head for kissy...
Medical Issues: None
Reward?: 100.00
Owner Name: Joshua David
Owner Email: Snuggaboo (AT)
Comments: I feel so lost inside. after losing my son when he was young it took yrs for me to take to anything or anyone... Jeremy was the first thing I loved once I decided after yrs of loneliness.. .. to love again. I am 50 now. I can not explain it to non-animal lovers but animals give such love. I died inside when I lost my son, Jeremy... died, black hole, felt notta... than this silly little bird given to me by my sister (then lost by a housecleaner I hired on moving day) her little girl opened the cage to touch Jeremy and He flew out the door the moving men left opened. I was not home. which I did not want... started to land on my shoulder... sit with me... and when I ate he flew to my shoulder and likes real mashed potatoes, corn if you squeeze out the insides of each kernel... he like the insides of peas too... maybe if there is a god somewhere a force more powerful than humans.... maybe this deity sent the smallest and most unlikely of things to open my heart and lift my spirit from the grip of the devil.... and now... I learned that I was more than a lump of sadness and depression.. . Jeremy opened my eyes and that was all I needed to feel alive again... silly, unimaginable for some... but that little bird means more to me than any human I have ever known... animals give love and such loyalty... I never found loyalty from humans. I ask this deity for a blessing in finding or helping me replace my little friend. Thank you ALL... for reading my ad and may you be uplifted when and if, you face heard times. Josh.

Subject: Lost Bird
From: "Snuggaboo" <[email protected] net>
Date: Mon, Apr 28, 2008 4:21 am
To: <[email protected]>
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