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LOST: OK, Midwest City, Albino Cockatiel "Midgie" May 18,08

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(13270) Cockatiel

Midwest City, Oklahoma . . . Midgie

May 18, 2008

She is an albino cockatiel. We say she, but in the last two to three weeks
she began talking...we may have had a male. She is approximately eight months
old and is approximately eight to ten inches tall. She sings "Good morning",
says "no, no", "I'm gonna get ya" and "hey baby". We have done everything we
know to do trying to find her. Our housing addition is near the intersection
of 15th and Post. We last saw her flying south of our neighborhood. If she is
seen, we believe she will come to someone if they say the above phrases. If
you put your finger under her tummy and say "step up" she will do so! We miss
her so much and our home is not the same without her. We are happy to see
that there is a website such as this one. Thank you for your support.
[email protected] net_ (mailto:[email protected] net)
veghster (AT)
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