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Xpost from birdhotline. com
see info below:

(13396) Cockatiel

Mount Vernon, New York . . .


Our bird "Lindsay", is REALLY cute! Her body colored grey,
with some white in her wings. Her head is colored yellow/green,
with orange cheeks. From her tail to head, she's about 8 inches
tall, and has a balding head(just like her father). She can be heard
cat calling all day, and responds back to cat calls. She also imitates
the ringer of her mother's cell phone, and a dog's bark. Since she
escaped, she has been seen by neighbors in their bird feeders, but
flies away at aproach. Our address is 700 Gramatan Avenue and
we think that she is still in close proximity to home, but wouldn't
be surprised to find that she has wandered off farther than we think.
Please contact me via cell phone (914)906-9831, or my wife
(914) 906-9204 if you have any helpful information in finding our
cockatiel "Lindsay." Thank You. You will be rewarded if your
information helps recover our pet. no email address given
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