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12990) Yellow Lutino Cockatiel

Greenlawn, New York . . . Nanna

April 3rd 2008

This unfortunate incident took place in our very leafy and woody
neighborhood of Greenlawn on Long Island.Our female bird took off
right from my shoulder when putting out trash forgetting her presence
on me.Off she went so high up into the sky and kept flying until my
eyes lost her.Nanna is a yellow Lutino Cockatiel,with red cheek
patches,very friendly and affectionate.2 days before it happened,she
had turned 1 year.She could fly very well and fast,although not for
very long period at a time,as we never had her wings clipped.She's
had so much personality and it still seems like a dream,hoping I get
up and she'll be here. [email protected] <durejova(AT)> or
[email protected] <fastbke170 (AT)>

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