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LOST: NC, Asheville, Cockatiel, "Pipo", Jan. 9, 08
Posted by: "Melissa" [email protected] soapnutlucy
Sat Jan 26, 2008 9:04 am (PST)
(12723) Lutino Cockatiel

Asheville, North Carolina . . . Pipo

Jan. 9, 08

Pipo is an all yellow (lutino) cockatiel. He does sing, but only a
few songs that he himself made up. He does not talk. Pipo lives in
the downtown area of Asheville by Montford. He is very skittish, but
loves to peck at things that people throw on the ground for him. The
best way to keep him in one place is to toss seed on the ground, then
call me, Kat Taylor at 828-676-9369.

Email: [email protected] <head.kat (at)>

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