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My name is Alison and I live in France, with my husband and 3 children.
Last year, inbetween lockdowns and feeling lonely, i decided to get us a pet.
We went to the store to look at budgies, figuring they were very easy to maintain, and landed up buying a hand reared young cockatiel, whom we named Pepper!
Little did i know that this small bird would become such a dear friend and that she would cheer up my day with her song and kisses!
Nearly a year on, and 3 days ago, I let Pepper out without realising my son had left the front door open. As i was in the kitchen preparing dinner, she flew out and it was about 5minutes before i realised she'd gone quiet... and that the worst had happened. We'd lost her!
I hunted round the neighbourhood with videos of her chirping on repeat and whistling repeatedly, and the cage has been outside for 2 nights now, but to no avail.
Then suddenly tonight we got a call . Someone had found a cockatiel!
We went to look and we are pretty sure it's not Pepper, unless half her feathers have gone white from fright and she's lost a lot of her crest, and her band has fallen off!
But this bird was clearly cold, starving and exhausted, all the feathers fluffed up... but even i don't really believe that 3 days in the wild could change a bird that much... so it must just be a massive coincidence!
The people who found her had nothing to look after her, so i felt obliged to bring the poor thing home where we could feed it and cage it!
Now we just have to not get too attached as someone else may come and get it.
It has made me even more upset knowing Pepper may be in a worse state than this poor bird... i can just be thankful it's summer, so not freezing, and there may be some food to be found, seeds, fruit etc if she works out how to find it. But i guess if this bird has been found, there is still a faint glimmer of hope.
Just thought i'd share the story. I'll let you know the ending!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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