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Still LOST: MD, Silver Spring, Whiteface Pearl Cockatiel "Emma"
Posted by: "oscarbud2" [email protected] oscarbud2
Mon Jan 14, 2008 11:30 am (PST)
**See Emma's pic in the 911PA photo album (MD-Lost) at this

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More info LOST: MD, Silver Spring, Whiteface Pearl ockatiel "Emma",

LOST: Cockatiel
Country: U.S.A.
State: Maryland
City: Rosemary Hills area of Silver Spring
Nearby towns: Washington, DC, Takoma Park, Chevy Chase, Bethesda
Breed: Cockatiel
Color: Mutated Pearl
Name of Bird: Emma
Date Lost: Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
Location Lost (streets): 8711 Leonard Drive
Age: just turned 1 y/o this month
Sex: female
Banded: no
Microchiped: no
Common Saying: does not speak but very verbal
Distinguishing Characteristics: shy, timid, but obeys "step-up"
Medical Issues: none
Reward: $500.00 USD
Owner Name: Catalina and Michael Smith
Owner Phone: 240-848-6033 or 240-848-6034
Owner Email: [email protected] [catb2cool (AT)]
Comments: We think Emma somehow got outside on Tuesday morning when
I let the dogs out into the yard. she had her wings clipped in late
november so her flight abilities are very limited. she and her mate
have 2 babies in the box just over a month old and she had just laid
eggs. her mate, "Pete", calls out for her constantly. poor guy is
starting to wear himself out and he's looking just like us,
desperate to find her.

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Lost Cockatiel

Reply to: [email protected]
[comm-533251497 (AT)]
Date: 2008-Jan-09, 5:45AM EST

Has anyone in the neighborhood found a cockatiel in the vicinity of
Leonard Drive? We discovered her missing this evening and think she
might have gotten out sometime in the early morning when we let the
dogs out into the yard.

She's friendly but shy and will step up onto your hand. She's had
her wings clipped so her flight abilities are limited. Her name
is "Emma" and she's a mutated pearl grey. I've put pictures of her
in the photos section. If you've seen her or know if she's been
found, please contact me asap... Emma has two babies in the nest box
and has recently laid 4 eggs which her mate is now tending by
himself. I will gladly pay a reward for her return.

Lost from Rosemary Hills area in Silver Spring, MD.

(A picture of Emma is on the Craigslist posting--she's a whiteface
pearl cockatiel--NO orange cheeks or yellow coloring.)

Location: Rosemary Hills
This was x-posted from Craigslist, Washington, DC (Pets).
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