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(13510) Cockatiel

Prospect Heights, Illinois . . . Tenacious/Tena

July 4th 2008

Call 847-259-6976 or 224-587-3163. Tena is 3 years old. I've had
him his whole life and he's the only bird who really cuddles with
me. He loves me but he's not too friendly towards other people.
He loves people food like ramen noodles, cheese, and bread,
so I hope he finds a friendly person and gets something to eat.
He's a little bit big for a cockatiel but he's still only about
the size of my fist. He fits in my hand. He weighs about half a
pound. He has a bright yellow crest, an orange spot on each cheek, a grey body with a white cresent on each wing, and dark eyes. I don't
know if he'd step onto a stranger's hand but he would gladly
accept a warm noodle or a piece of bread, especially if he sees
you eating it so he knows it's food. I do offer a reward because
for the last three years Tena's been the center point of my life and
I'd do anything to get him back but I just hope someone kind takes
him in so that he's safe.

[email protected]
bluenile725( AT)yahoo. com
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