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xpost from birdhotline. com
See info below for contact person:

(13432) Cockatiel

Chicago, Illinois . . . Bart

June 18. 2008

Bart is about a year old; hand raised and very very friendly.
He is grey with a yellow head and orange spots on either side
of his head. The most distinctive feature from other cockatiels
is a black band that runs vertically down his beak apparently
dividing it. He has a bunch of songs, including the normal wolf
whistle, attempts at Take Me Out to the Ballgame, and other songs
that are only his. He loves to have his head scratched especially
around the mandables. He also has a wonderful train of continuous
"talking" where he bobs up and down. His main words are "pretty
Cell: 312.636.0125.
Great reward for his return. I feel like I've lost a child. [email protected] com
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