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Posted by: "oscarbud2" [email protected] oscarbud2
Wed Jul 9, 2008 6:52 am (PDT)
Lost Baby Cockatiel (Royal Kunia)

Reply to: [email protected]
[mtovar82 (AT)]
Date: 2008-Jul-08, 1:39PM HST

Grey baby with some white on his wings and white and yellow face. I
don't have a recent picture of him. His name is Tiki and his wings
have been modified so he's not a strong flyer. He can whistle 3
different tunes, besides the ones that he makes up. He loves to kiss.
He was lost today in the Royal Kunia Villas @ 1030ish. Please..
please.. give us a call if he has been found. Although the whole
family loves him, he is MY baby and my heart is broken.

Thanks, Michelle


Location: Royal Kunia

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