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Lost: FL, Riverview 2/14/08

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LOST: FL, Riverview, Pied Cockatiel "Sidney" Feb 14.08
Posted by: "paytiedaisy" [email protected] paytiedaisy
Fri Feb 22, 2008 6:42 pm (PST)
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(12827) Cockatiel Pied

Riverview, Florida . . . Sidney

Feb 14. 2008

Flew out of cage over Bloomingdale Hills subdivision. He is mostly
white, with yellow plume. Have you SEEN OR HEARD our lost bird? We live
in Bloomingdale Hills, and he was flying overhead near Peppersong Drive
and Candlin Court just before sunset on Valentine's Day. He is our very
dear bird and he is 5 years old. His daddy is very worried. Sidney got
loose from his cage and was startled—it was an accident involving
children and they are very distraught. Description: Cockatiel Pied,
grey and white Cockatiel with yellow plume and orange cheeks. He
sings "zippity-doo-dah" and whistles. REWARD Please call (813) 843-
4054!! transcriptionservice (AT)
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