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LOST: FL, Brandon, Cockatiel, "Alphie", Dec. 15, 07
Posted by: "Melissa" [email protected] soapnutlucy
Sat Jan 26, 2008 8:51 am (PST)
(12655) Cockatiel

Brandon, Florida . . . Alphie

Dec. 15, 07

Alphie has a yellow face with bright orange cheeks; he also has a
Gray and White body. He is a little bit bigger than your average
cockatiel as he was very well fed. He likes to talk a lot. He mostly
will purr at you like a cat and he says his name. We call him Appie
for short, so he will say app-EEa the the last part of his name said
in a little bit higher tone. He is a very aggressive bird, so he will
bite and hiss at you a lot, but he also likes to play hide-and-seek
and follow you around the house. He will follow you either by flying
or just by walking. he only likes to be scratched on the head,
anywhere else and he will bite. If anyone finds him, please contact
Ron or Sarah Bartsch at area code (509)771-0479 or contact me on

e-mail at [email protected] <gijoe014 (at)> OR
[email protected] <ronald.bartsch (at)>

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