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LOST: CT, Harwinton, Cockatiel, "Bubba", Dec. 26, 07
Posted by: "Melissa" [email protected] soapnutlucy
Sun Feb 10, 2008 4:54 pm (PST)
(12764) Cockatiel

Harwinton, Connecticut . . . Bubba

Dec. 26, 07

My female cinnamon grey escaped when startled. She is very skittish
around new people. She knows my voice and will chirp in response. She
has full wings with white along the leading edges and an unusual white
patch on her. We miss her very much! Please contact me at...

Email: [email protected] <sfm04a (at)>

Xposted from
by 911PA volunteer

*Please do not click reply, contact the family using email address
listed above. Thanks!
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