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lost cockatiel

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Any suggestions on finding a lost cockatiel?? Posted on Parrot911, ParrotAlert, numerous FB sites, Craigslist, have a mating call on phone, posted fliers at vets and different neighborhoods around town. After all this work, there's not even a sighting of him even though there have been several sighting of other cockatiels. We fear that someone has him and will not post anything about a lost bird.
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Our Weederman escaped nearly 15 years ago, before facebook. We put out his cage, followed his tweet from tree to tree. Then his tweet stopped, we thought we lost him forever. Our pet sitter said to call local police (suburban Chicago) to report him missing. The next day on Memorial Day, we get a call from a lady in the next town over, asking did you lose your bird? Weederman had landed on her teenage son's shoulder out of nowhere, we think he was hungry and the boy reminded him of my husband. He walks over to his mom, she grabs the bird, puts him a spare bird cage (luck?), feeds him. Then she calls her local police, but no report there. Then she calls next town over (our local police), and they tell her about our missing bird and give her our phone number. And then we get the call. I tell this story to everyone who'll listen. We were lucky that Weederman was trusting enough to land on the boy's shoulder, but also that he had the instinct to pick the right family who would know how to help him.

Maybe calling multiple local police stations would help? I know they'll think it's just a bird, but it may help.
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