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Wanted: Lost Cockatiel
Location: London, Ontario
Date Listed: 13-May-08

We lost our pet cockatiel on Saturday May 10, 08 in the
Potters creek and Hamilton Road area. His name is Brutis
and is very well trained. He will land on you and sing if he
the need. The spring time was too tempting and he made a dash
out the door. Please if you find him don't think his family was
negelectful because he was very well taken care of and
If you happen to see my bird please call me at
Thank You Wanda
[Kijiji: Lost Cockatiel]

<http://london. c-ViewAdLargeIma ge?AdId=51300981 &img=http: //kij\
iji.ebayimg. com/i20/02/ k/000/7a/ 30/99e7_18. JPG?set_id= 1C4000> Source:
http://tinyurl. com/5nadlc
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