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Posted by: "dshore95" [email protected] dshore95
Fri Jun 13, 2008 2:07 pm (PDT)
REWARD! STILL MISSING COCKATIEL!!! (walnut creek) Reply to:
lostcockatiel [at]
<mailto:[email protected]?subject=REWARD%21%20%20STILL%20MISSING%2\
Date: 2008-Jun-12, 11:53PM PDT

White Lutino male with a Yellow head and Orange cheeks, about two years
old. He flew out by
accident on Thursday May 8 at around 10am. Last seen on North Main St.
flying towards Sun Valley Drive in Walnut Creek near Pleasant Hill.

His name is Bonito and he will say his name several times, very tame and
friendly. His family MISSES him very much.

There is a $Reward$ for anyone who's help leads to his safe return home.
Please even if you have him and have decided to keep him, or adopted him
by chance, send an email. We just want to know he is safe and OK.

If you have any info please email to: [email protected]
xposted fr Craigs List by 911PA Volunteer
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