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LOST NORMAL GREY COCKATIEL (san jose east) Reply to: mvillanueva87 [AT]
<mailto:[email protected] 20NORMAL% 20GREY%20COCKATI EL\
%20%28san%20jose% 20east%29>
Date: 2008-May-07, 11:52AM PDT

HE IS A MALE, TAME, his name is wapo i lost him today off of el vita way
so he could be near white road,tully road , he flew over me he could
also be near cedar grove elementary please call me if you find him or if
see him please 408-728-2963

http://sfbay. craigslist. org/sby/pet/ 671776361. html

xposted fr Craigs List by 911PA Volunteer
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